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Money Hang-ups

Money. Mula. Dinero.

You would think we all just want a heck-of-a-lot of it, right? But it’s so funny to think about all the hang-ups we have around money.

Admitting we want it seems greedy or taboo.

Or once we have it in our hands we think of all the ways we can throw it away-new shoes, that once-a-day venti skinny latte (because we deserve it), taxis, hair products….you get the picture, and all of a sudden we have no idea where it went!

I’ll admit that my hang-up is the opposite. I squander money. I love to save. I make a big deal about spending any little bit of money.

And while this may not seem as bad as throwing money away, I can tell you it is just as debilitating.

My sister can attest to this. This past January we went on a trip to Cabo to celebrate her 40th and my 25th birthdays. While we planned and saved for it, once we were there I realized that I underestimated how much I would spend each day. That, coupled with not earning an income for 10 days and rent being due upon my return caused me to Freak Out! Mind you, I have a savings account. I could easily have transferred money over and I would have been fine, but I didn’t want to hear it. I felt overwhelmed and went a little coo-coo. (sorry sis!)

Hind-sight is 20-20. I returned home, paid my rent and realized that my fear about money put a big ugly splotch on my vacation! Not cool at all! I decided then and there to face my hang-up and here is what I’ve realized:

Money is a form of energy. That’s all it is. I’m committed to bringing positive energy to all areas of my life and money is no different. I need to stop being afraid of it and letting it control my life.

So, I changed my perspective. I decided that I don’t need to hold onto it with a death grip. I need to relax so that it could flow freely into and out of my life. And out is not always a bad thing…

Just this past February my sisters and I surprised my mom on her 65th birthday with a 10-day trip to Paris and Rome for her and my father. It has been her dream since she was a little girl to go to France, but I knew she would never make it happen for herself, so I decided to make it happen for her. I let the money go freely because I was funding a lifelong dream and it felt amazing!

I can also say that I seem to be attracting more money to myself than ever before. I broke down those blocks I had about money and now it is flowing towards me effortlessly. Go figure!

So what are your hang-ups about money?

Do you squander it like I used to? Are you a shop-a-holic? Do you avoid looking at your finances because you feel your bills are too big and scary?

We all have our issues. The only way to change them is to take a hard, honest look at them. They are ugly. They are scary. That’s why we avoid them for so long. Change that today! Face them! Savvy girls don’t hide from their hang-ups. Savvy girls face them with a warrior stance and kick those money-fears in the face!

Let me know what your hang-up is and tell me your plan to conquer it in the comments below.





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